Returns and Refunds Policy

Refunds and Returns Policy (+ Cancellation Policy)

1. A Refund or Exchange of Items can be only applied with the damages or wrong or missing item cases (Customer cannot request a refund in the middle of the delivery, Customer can request only after receiving the shipment and confirm they received the shipment successfully)
2. Cancellation After Dispatch is not available.
3. Customer must prove the missing and damage item cases by taking short video(clip)of the unboxing items in 30se ~ 1min shown with the flyer of the original package including opening the flyer.
4. Please don’t throw the invoice attached on the flyer, and it’s the necessary evidence for claiming for the Cases regarding the items.
5. Kshopina is not responsible for the returns or damages without the clear video of “Unboxing the packages of orders”
6. The Refund process is only available after the customer successfully receive the package, Please be noted that, In the middle of delivery, Refund process is not allowed.
7. The Exchange process is only available only if the customer can proove the changes with the information of the recipte(invocie) of the flyer and with the clear unboxing videos.
8. Shipping Fee for Return or Exchange is not fixed, and can be calculated by Kshopina’s Customer Service Manager under the agreement with the customer.
9. Refund of the money takes around 2~3 weeks due to the international transaction period
10. Cancellation is only available in 3 days after the Confirmation
11. Cancellation will be not be available after the 3 days of Confirmation, and Customer has to pay for the transaction.
12. If the customer cancel without any specific reason, one can be restricted for using every Kshopina Service.
13. The order with “Cash On Delivery” needs extra measure for the confirmation, and without any response from customer, it will be automatically canceled.
14. Missing Items or Damages
Damages of items or missing items can happen due to unexpected problem in the middle of the international delivery, and Kshopina is not officially responsible for any similar case, but Kshopina has a responsibility to help customer with the available options for coverages (Gift Cards with maximum 20USD and depending on the situation)
*Damages of the outer box or the cover of the albums will not be compensated.


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